March 18th, 2008

Theo Adams is just 18 years old and already an L’Enfant terrible of performance art scene in London.

He is screaming for life and is hysterically welcoming it.

March Issue of I-D Magazine has published an overwhelming interview with him. The introduction of the the article, the The-O´s statement is far more than that, it´s a life philosophy. To sum it up (in case you´ve missed the article), here one of the most inspiring affirmations:

” I am ready for anything the world has to throw at me right now.”

” We are scared of not being cool. We are scared of offending and want to impress the “right” people.”

“Seeing her (her mother is suffering from multiple sclerosis) on going and still have a faith in the world has made me wake up and live my dreams today. Tomorrow is too late. Dream big. Anything can be reality if you truly want it.”

“…. I am creating my own path to my own ideal world. “

” While the past generations would intentionally go out of their way to be different and to shock the system, we try to fit in. “

The-O, I-D Magazine, March 08



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