September 2nd, 2007

The reason of introducing the Retrock store lies in its concept. Retrock is run by young group of people, who tries to revolutionize the idea of fashion by not following any mainstream fashion trends. And they did it.Though they are on a good way to redefine the meaning of the street culture.

Clothes and accessories that are offered are exclusively made by Hungarian and foreign designers. Anyhow, it is a nice opportunity for them to present their creations to their audience.

Among their offerings are clothes made from new and used materials, wide range of bags, belts, shoes, badges and much more curiosities are offered too. There is no doubt that the selection of items is carefully chosen. Even the most freakiest clubgoers will find an outfit for themselves.

What is more, a store resembles a gallery. Rare and extravagant objects of desire (such as red-lip telephone, see photo bellow), printed pillows, stickers, magazines, clocks, robots are also available.

It is a place of indulgence. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this extraordinary showroom on your next trip to Budapest, Hungary.






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