May 9th, 2010

Self aware spirit manifests in iconic personal style. Cult of self as a result of deep inner stability, self awareness and strong unique identity, which advances with age. Age and it consequences define personality, a human being. Enjoying oneself  and being able to recognize own needs and satisfy them immediately is just another proof. Living life as a spectacle for itself and for own edification. Libido development has never reached such high stage as it is now.

by Richard Burbridge




March 15th, 2010

photo by Andy Warhol




November 12th, 2007

Persona, in psychoanalytical sense can be defined as a mask, a facade to satisfy the demands of a situation or the environment not revealing inner personality of an individual. Therefore people are able to select their own appearance and behaviour in order to create a desired impression on others. People`s second personality within themselves is speaking instead of them and it`s pretending.

To make a positive impression on people, especially on strangers has become a socially accepted behavioural pattern and it seems, that people are satisfied with that.

Who are we, anyway? Why such a strong desire to be who we are not in real? Is a social risk that is perceived or either an ego risk?

I believe, there is absolutely no doubt that people are wearing a mask.