October 3rd, 2007

"Never feel safe with the woman you love, for a woman’s nature conceals more dangers that you think. Women are neither as good as their admirers and defenders would have it nor so bad as their enemies make them out to be. A woman’s character is her lack of character. The best woman sinks momentary into filth; the worst woman rises unexpectedly to great good deeds, putting her despisers to shame. No woman is so good or so evil as not to be capable at any moment of both the most diabolical and the most divine, both the foulest and the purest thoughts, feelings, actions. Despite all progress of civilization, women have remained exactly as they emerged from the hand of Nature. A woman has the character of a savage, who acts loyal or disloyal, generous or gruesome, depending on whatever impulse happens to rule him at the moment. In all times, only deep and earnest formation has created the moral character. Thus, a man, no matter how selfish, how malevolent he may be, always follows principles, while a woman always follows only impulses. Never forget this and never feel safe with the woman you love. “

Leopold von Sacher - Masoch