October 19th, 2007

Jan Fabre is spitting on a huge insect graveyard in his new installation. The core of his visual artwork is usually dealing with a life-cycle, birth-life-death-rebirth and the death itself plays for him a crucial part in life. A life as a metamorphosis, a complete change in it`s form, appearance, character and circumstances. So, life consists of moments of passage and it`s a process. Day is turning into night and life is turning into death.

The state of being dead is only a beginning.

The installation can currently be seen at MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna.

Jan Fabre_I spit on my grave


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    Fabre, Jan – I spit on my tomb 2007 | with reference to death said:

    […] I spit on my tomb. MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna. Via eviltina. […]

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