September 5th, 2007

Spencer Platt (USA) is the winner of 2007 of annually famous competition. The winning photo of 2006 depicts youngsters passing bombed district in southern Beirut, Lebanon on august 15th with a red cabrio.

The captured moment is a synonym for a world, in which we are living.

That moment demonstrates that we have lost strength and that we already have given up. In fact we have become victims of all kind of idealism’s, religious, political, economical,… In other words we are victims of human conflicts. We are not able to understand each other anymore, even the meaning of the words is disappearing. The word compromise is one of those, which has become incomprehensible. Nevertheless, we all are speaking own languages now and therefore starring into different ways.

Above all, human race is already responsible for natural catastrophes, which have become almost an absolute term nowadays. Day by day we are left with such impressions, so as it wouldn`t be enough, we need additional force to destroy ourself.

The lost-lost position has won.


More winning work of Specer Platt:



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  1. September 7th, 2007 at 5:46 pm

    Imperium said:

    Thanks for posting these pictures, quite interesting.

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