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December 31st, 2007

For me, there is nothing more luxurious than having enough time to spend an evening on my own or with someone very special. An intimate ritual, which is set of private moments is true treasure.

Taking a long bubble bath drinking red wine and eating fresh grapes, reading a book or your favourite magazine in warm bed, listening to good music and drinking your favourite drink, lying in bed with your love and share thoughts and dreams, preparing a candle light dinner for two, having a massage, being creative or just enjoying the silence is so inspiring and renewing.

However, we are hardly aware that time flies by very fast an that such moments were lost forever, so we have to stop ourselves for the moment, break the hectic and take a deep breath. Than the life itself is welcoming us.

Enjoy 2008!

Photo stolen from Smagazine.



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December 30th, 2007

Fashionistas would perfectly understand weakness of owning such bag that rocks, not only because of its rock appeal but because of its art of wearing it as a wrist bag. What is more, while you are dancing your wildest dance of the night, your tasty little bag is right beside you not interrupting your choreography.

For the first time the bag weakness is excused. Mmmm…..

Seen at Miss Sixty



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December 27th, 2007


While listening to their music and watching their video art, they will make you dream with open eyes. They will invite you to their surrealistic world of darkness and illusion. No more nightmares, no more drama, no more fantasy, this is real, surreal. They will leave you sleepless.
Whatsoever, they are extraordinary artists and musicians worth to mention.




December 24th, 2007


…. even though that you are convinced you know your partner and there is nothing left to be asked something unknown still exists….

…. about question that were never asked….

…. about relationship between woman and man……..

…. a poetical fantasy just appropriate for Christmas night….

….. last Kubrick masterpiece….





December 24th, 2007

World of fashion, where lack of creativity predominates and trends are just being set by handful of people, the atmosphere is rather boring and to find a fashion designer like Gareth will be extremely difficult. Actually a designer who has a great sense of combining fashion and theatre in an alternative way does not exist. He is not just someone who has a touch of avantgarde and exceptionally and creates a poetical appearance by shapes and colours, but he is a genius and therefore so adorable.

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