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October 19th, 2007

Jan Fabre is spitting on a huge insect graveyard in his new installation. The core of his visual artwork is usually dealing with a life-cycle, birth-life-death-rebirth and the death itself plays for him a crucial part in life. A life as a metamorphosis, a complete change in it`s form, appearance, character and circumstances. So, life consists of moments of passage and it`s a process. Day is turning into night and life is turning into death.

The state of being dead is only a beginning.

The installation can currently be seen at MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna.

Jan Fabre_I spit on my grave




October 5th, 2007

Sexual attraction is naturally defined. Women have always been attracted by man and therefore have learnt how to be attractive and desired. It is a relationship between man -women and women – women. The beholder of a woman is a man inside her. A woman turns to an object, an object of a man vision.

Man perspective of a sexual attraction is learnt too, it is due to a media representation of a female body and it is rather an aesthetic and visual spectacle. What is more a society has accepted such iconography of a “perfect body” and has let to manipulate with them.

So, women are not identifying with a woman portrayed in such media but with a man or society perspective. Women do feel their body as part of someone else, which needs to be work on and require constant improvement. A body as self monitoring object as in Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon phenomenon, which describes prisoner behaviour. Prisoners cannot see who is guarding them or if they are being guarding at all, so they are forced to learn to monitor themselves.The same uncertainty can be applied to a female body. The last mentioned phenomenon helps to understand, how those beauty ideals impact woman behaviour. Nevertheless introspection begins to dominate not only the body, but also the mind. The body becomes a prisoner of mind.
As Bentham described in his own words, that the Panopticon is a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind.

In conclusion, woman has imprisoned herself in order to be and to feel desired. Woman lives in an illusion, that freedom of choice does exist and that she has total control of herself, her individuality and her life.

But she doesn´t.





October 3rd, 2007

"Never feel safe with the woman you love, for a woman’s nature conceals more dangers that you think. Women are neither as good as their admirers and defenders would have it nor so bad as their enemies make them out to be. A woman’s character is her lack of character. The best woman sinks momentary into filth; the worst woman rises unexpectedly to great good deeds, putting her despisers to shame. No woman is so good or so evil as not to be capable at any moment of both the most diabolical and the most divine, both the foulest and the purest thoughts, feelings, actions. Despite all progress of civilization, women have remained exactly as they emerged from the hand of Nature. A woman has the character of a savage, who acts loyal or disloyal, generous or gruesome, depending on whatever impulse happens to rule him at the moment. In all times, only deep and earnest formation has created the moral character. Thus, a man, no matter how selfish, how malevolent he may be, always follows principles, while a woman always follows only impulses. Never forget this and never feel safe with the woman you love. “

Leopold von Sacher - Masoch






October 2nd, 2007

Vanessa Beecroft , Italian artist, has already made a name for herself through her live performances with naked or barely dressed women standing still in poses.

Although Beecroft is a social and political activist, her previous performances were rather a mixture of fashion, art and theatre, but her recent live performance was much more than that.

STILL DEATH! DARFUR STILL DEAF? took place at Pescheria (Fish-market) Rialto in Venice in early august 2007 showed about 30 Sudan naked women lying on white canvas, facing the ground, while they were poured with “blood”. They looked like “dead bodies” and were representing the victims of Sudan`s genocide.

The audience was this time confronted with raw and inhuman situation in Darfur and were left with their reflections.

vb1.jpg vb3.jpg